Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful for this day.

As I've said before,
I "heart" Thanksgiving.
It's a day full of the things I love most:
family, food, crisp autumn weather, american folk songs, and wintry smells.
My favorite smell of all: burning wood on a cold, frosty day.
"Mommy's favorite smell!"
That's what the kids say whenever we catch a whiff of that blessed aroma.
We kicked off the holiday with a Thanksgiving play in William's classroom.  "A Thanksgiving Feast."  He was Massasoit, an indian chief.  He played his part well, in all his 3rd-grade-Chief-ness.  I'm always surprised at how subdued he is in class.  A different picture than what we get at home.  Minding his p's and q's, I guess. 
Thanksgiving was at Mom and Dad's this year.
My Aunt Marilyn and her children/grandchildren joined us, too.
Everyone contributed to the feast.
The day before, Lincoln and I slaved away in the kitchen.
He's my baking partner. 
We whipped out rolls and pies in no time!
The years that we hang around here for Thanksgiving we go to a Thanksgiving concert at the tabernacle in town.  It's a historical building in the center of town where large church meetings were held.  I loved it because american folk music is oh-so-pleasing to my ears, but the kids were none too excited.  They had cousins to play with.  Why waste time at a concert?!  We made it through with much back-scratching, baby-holding, telescope-making, book-reading (Will slipped a Roald Dahl in my purse, tricky guy), and lap-sitting.  Even I was ready to go . . . for their sake.  The price you pay to give your kids a little culture!!  Someday THEY will BEG to go to the Turkey Choir concert!  Better yet, someday they will BE in the Turkey Choir!
Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We ate, napped, walked, hung Christmas lights outside, and played games into the night.  Gathering with people you love is heaven. 
I am so thankful that we have a holiday to celebrate Gratitude.  The key to a happy life is a grateful life.  I'm not too old, but I'm old enough to recognize that gem of truth.  And that's something to celebrate!

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Jilene said...

You always have such great "in the moment" pics! Looks like you had a good Thanksgiving. Enjoy that snow for us!

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