(Not quite our entire family, anymore.  Add a baby boy, and there you have it.)

Hi!  I'm Lanette, wife of Ben, mother of five, and blog-author extraordinaire, which may or may not be a gross exaggeration.

I started this blog in 2009, as a way to document all those moments in life that we swear we'll never forget, but who are we kidding?

Where'd the Sixty Toes come from?  Driving behind an old Chevy Astro van, I noticed a sticker in the back window with eight pairs of feet, and below it, 80 Toes.  Catchy.  We only had four kids, so I did the math and Sixty Toes it was.

We've grown since then, we now claim seventy toes, but old habits die hard.  Sixty Toes remains.

It began as just a collection of moments.  The messy and unpredictable life of a mother of many children.  Over time it's evolved and improved (I hope), as I'm ever-learning the tricks of the trade.

We live a country life.  In Idaho.  Yep, Idaho.  Who really plans to live in Idaho?  We didn't.  But it happened and I count my lucky stars it did.  Life is good.

This blog is my way of owning and embracing life.  My "every day" definition of what it is to be a woman, a wife, a mother.  However, the embracing more often translates into headlocks and wrestling matches, as my life revolves around a house full of boys and one sweet, little girl!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the love...or the mess...depending on the day!  

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