Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thank you.

It's been a while since I'd looked at ALL the blogs I follow.  I tend to stick with those who update on a more frequent basis (this is not a guilt trip for ANYONE).  However, these past few days I've caught up with the others.  And I noticed something.  Wow.  Everyone has such an amazing life.  Seriously.

I was impressed by how everyone is trying hard to live the best life they can, to give their children happy childhoods, to find goodness in life, generally, and fulfilment in what life has to offer.  I was uplifted.  And it's funny, because in my weaker moments I would lose sleep (figuratively) thinking that everyone ELSE'S life was so much more interesting, productive, and fantastic than my own.  Retarded, I know.  But, more or less, I'm sure we've all done that before.  I'm grateful I didn't feel that way this time.

We're all doing our best.  We're all in different stages of learning.  And, not surprisingly, there are SO MANY ways to live a productive, fulfilling life.  Looking at these blogs, some focus on health, some on parenting, some on life's funnies, some on the beauties of this world, some on family, some on cooking, some on making home a haven, and the list goes on and on and on!  The many faces of "the good life."  Vignettes.  And I'm the lucky recipient.  I can pick and choose from YOUR wealth of knowledge and tailor it for my family.  Our lives then become a little better, too.  Technology can be a tremndous blessing when used for good.

This was great for me.  It's human, at times, to get caught up thinking that life revolves around ourselves and it's a gift to have that view BROADENED.  Hah, you mean, I am NOT the center of this universe?!  Go figure!  Part of this mentality comes from being a spoiled (in my youth), last-born child, I'm sure of it.  I really DID think the world revolved around me THEN.  Not now.

So, thanks to all of you!  Thank you for being good people.  For enlightening my life.  For giving me things to think on and stew about.  For your awesome ideas.  For sharing challenges and solutions.  For reaffirming to me over and over again that kids are THE MOST HILARIOUS things on this planet!  For the realization that women, although unique in their own right, are still the same in SO many ways.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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