Tuesday, November 22, 2011


(He looks like he's still wondering if this is a GOOD thing, or not?!)

That's Lincoln.
Not the mysterious night-fury in How to Train Your Dragon.
He had no idea his tooth was even loose.

He ate an apple after school and came up to me in the kitchen looking very much like he'd done something wrong, thinking he'd get in trouble for it.  Sweet fella.  He held out his hand with a teeny tiny front tooth cradled in the middle.  Looking just as surprised as me, he said, "Mommy, my tooth came out?!"

(Calling Daddy to share the good news.)

He was so excited to put that tooth under his pillow.  And even more excited to eat ANOTHER apple the next day and the day after, and so on.  He was SURE he could pop out a few more teeth!  This is one of the few times when Lincoln has PLANNED AHEAD for ANYTHING.  He usually plows through life without looking back!

He has been waiting for YEARS to lose a tooth.  Finally.  ONE MORE THING his brothers have done that he can now cross off his list, too!  Phew.  He tends to view his life this way.  Little brother syndrome.

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