Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Joy to the world . . . or, maybe just us.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!
That's how we feel at the Carter household.
Last weekend we rang in the Christmas season.
The house is donned with Christmas cheer.
And we are beside ourselves with cheerfulness.
(Sam's introduction to a Christmas tree.  We LOVE big brothers.)

(The Christmas MESS.)

I was relaxing in my Christmas-lit family room the other night, hot chocolate in-hand, soaking-in the cozy, sumptuous feelings of the season.  I looked around at all the tangible joy and thought how full our home was.  It wasn't just the decorations.  It was a feeling.  Christmas has a spirit all its own.  And it fills the soul.  I'd say it's the most soul-satisfying feeling available.  The spirit of Christ.  Others may not recognize it as such, but, it is what it is.  And I am MOST grateful for it.
Ben and the kids decorated the tree as I orchestrated from the couch, nursing the babe.  Surprisingly, they satisfied every decorating impulse in my body.  I didn't change a thing.  That's a miracle.  Because we didn't cut a tree this year for upstairs, the kids adopted three of our mini-trees.  Brigham and Will share the largest, Annie and Lincoln have their own, topped with homeade stars.  Lincoln has an ornament with a little mouth that opens.  Every night I slip a piece of candy in it for him when he wakes up.  Every morning he comes downstairs with a smile.

 (Obviously, being wrapped in a tree skirt is not Sam's idea of FUN.)

Sam, being fully taken advantage of, is OFTEN strategically placed under the Christmas tree.  Our rule is no going behind or under the tree and the kids put him there to test the waters.  "Uh-oh, Mommy, Sammy's under the tree!"  Stinkers.  He loves it.  The lights and the ornaments keep him occupied and his body is constantly in motion.  It's safe to say that he's pretty stimulated under there . . . or else, really nervous that a huge tree could squash him in an instant.  I wonder if he knows fear yet?
(Just keepin' it real.  Giddy-up.)

Christmas music is on from sun-up to sundown.  The kids have memorized the radio station's jingle, "K-L-C-EEEEEE," and sing along every time (that 's one successful jingle, it serves its purpose: to get stuck in your head).  Their Christmas music repertoire is expanding rapidly and I LOVE IT!

And to think, it's not even DECEMBER yet! 

Merry Christmas!


Katie The Lady said...

Hear, hear!

You beautifully put into words, what I can't- the spirit of Christmas and how it lifts us up and makes us extremely grateful and happy- so true!

PS. I love the gold!! I'm a gold person, who's married to a silver person, so I hardly do metals or metallics...it causes fights-hahaha.

Honey said...

I love it all - it looks gorgeous! Come decorate my house? :)

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