Monday, October 31, 2011


I don't like the dark side of Halloween.
Death, blood, evil.
Not for me.
I love celebrating the harvest season.
I love the kids' excitement to dress up in FUN costumes.
I love celebrating, in general. 
A way to spice-up the everyday, right?

Saturday was the Trunk-or-Treat at our church.  Every year I tell myself I'll decorate our car for the occasion.  Every year . . . it doesn't happen.  Someday.  Probably when Ben and I are empty-nesters.  Regardless, we had fun.  Bless William's heart, he walked around with Annie and I the entire time.  Brigham and Lincoln took off with friends.  Ben and Sam passed out the candy, and because Ben wore a santa hat, he'd shout, "MERRY CHRISTMAS," every time someone came by.  That's my guy. 
We hate having candy--and their #$&*@! wrappers--around the house for weeks so we (evil parents) tell our kids to eat it ASAP and be done with it.  So far, it's worked.  No stomach aches, no throwing up from candy-overload.  And a perk of being their mother is that they feel obligated to share their candy with me.  Thankfully, with age, my obsession with all things CANDY has died a slow death.  I have a NO button, or, I should say, a NO MORE button.  A few pieces is enough.

The Halloween parties are going on at school right now.  To say Lincoln was upset that he couldn't take his light-saber due it's "weapon-like" nature in a "no weapons allowed" school is an understatement.  He was sure that no one would know what he was for Halloween.  Personally, I think they'll figure it out . . . sans light-saber.

As for me and the little ones, we're busy getting ready for our annual halloween feast tonight.

p.s. We haven't carved pumpkins.  I'm hoping we can get through today without anyone asking why.  And I'm not allowing myself to feel any guilt about this, either.  However, the true test will be if Ben insists that we do.  He's a festive sort of fellow.


Ashton & Co. said...

Those costumes are all so great! Love the pics of the baby in the below posts, you have such a sweet family Lanette!

Kelley said...

I agree with you about the @#$% wrappers! I, however, haven't grown up about candy. It's shameful how much candy I can eat pre-breakfast, let alone the rest of the day! David is the same way - he said, "maybe we should introduce our children to the idea of taxes this year" and tax their Halloween candy. No, no! I can at least get my own at Wal-mart for half price this morning.

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