Friday, October 28, 2011


(Seriously, can you even handle that sweet face?)

Isn't there some unwritten law that all must have bathing pictures of their little ones?
Count me in!
Sam is just starting to like his baths.
There's something so sweet about washing little feet and hands,
not to mention the edible little rolls on their arms and legs.

Sam is growing fast.  He weighed 11 lbs. 4 oz. last week.  He's feeling more solid every day.  I love a big chubba-bubba baby.  The squishier the better.

There are two things that fascinate him.  I can tell because he goes completely still, you can hardly tell he's breathing.  It's hilarious.  He watches so intently.  When I eat and when I sing to him.  I put all good manners aside and chew with my mouth wide open . . . just to give him a full experience:).  I think it's a given that most babies love to hear their mothers sing and comforting to all mothers that babies don't care if they're on key or not.

I'm sad for the day when the kids will stop praying that they're grateful Sam is in our family.  The newness and novelty of a little baby is still going strong.  It's one of the most precious things about having him around--the melting of the older children.  The fastest way to get them in their beds is to threaten that Sammy can't kiss them if they haven't said their prayers and are tucked in.  If he's awake, Ben flies Sammy into each of their rooms like he's a helicopter.  They eat it up.

I have to run.  We're on a mission for some last mintue halloween stuff.  Fake fur for Brigham's caveman, a crown for Will, and SOMETHING to make green ears for Lincoln's Master Yoda.  Thankfully, we're reusing so many costume parts from years past.  I love it when they make things easy.

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Logan and Tanya said...

I just got caught up on the Carter house-hold...SO much great stuff going on! LOVE the bath time pix, and Spidey-girl...WOW! Knock out! :)

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