Thursday, October 27, 2011


To say that Annie was beside herself with excitement would be an understatement.
She has lived for this day for weeks.
There was a halloween program at her preschool this morning.
We were a little late due to Annie's costume demands:
glittered face, pink hair, spider-kissed cheek, and,
oddly, one pink jewel smack dab in the middle of her forehead.
Spidey-girl with an Indian flare.

This little preschool has been great for Annie.
Most of her life has been with me.  Just me.
BOR-ING for her (kidding, we've had a blast).
Therefore, she's a pretty innocent little girl, which I LOVE.
Country living doesn't lend itself to little-girl play dates.

Preschool has helped her branch out, open up, hold her own, and,
if we're honest, explore the complexities of female-peer relationships. 
Like, sometimes, three's a crowd . . . unless you're aware and considerate.
She's learning about herself and it's fun to get the 411 of preschool-life when I pick her up.

I am so excited to watch her grow up, see who'll she'll become, as she maneuvers through life.
She's been a delightful little companion to me with all these boys around.
She has a sweetness that I NEVER had as a child.
I'm proud to call her my friend.
Can you be friends with someone twenty-seven years younger than yourself?
I'd say, YES.

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Amy said...

I love hearing about your little kids!

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