Sunday, November 28, 2010


That's Ben's mom's middle name.  No joke.  I've watched this woman operate for over 10 years.  Here's what I've discovered, here's how we differ.  She goes through life, simply living, discovering new things and just does them.  She isn't out for glory, for accolades.  She isn't showy AT ALL, in fact, she purposely keeps out of the spotlight.  She learns something new, executes it, amazingly, and moves on to the next thing.  How do people do that?  It takes me forever to decide to do something.  Then I get scared of not doing it perfectly, so I end up not doing it at all.  Isn't that retarded?!  The funny part is, half the time no one would even see what I've done, perfect or not.  Get over it, I say to myself!  Thankfully, as time goes by I think I'm a little closer to overcoming this ridiculous notion.

Here's her latest attempts.  We went to a Christmas boutique.  The latest thing there were these hats with flowers or the flower headbands.  Mom goes out and buys her yarn, sits in her lazy boy and crochets a storm.  She's made a hat for every grandchild.  She's taking requests from the moms.  You better believe I want one!  A cream hat with a green flower, or charcoal hat with a red flower.  I can't wait until Christmas!  What a woman.  Superwoman. 

1 comment:

Candy said...

Nice Ben, it's totally you!

and seriously, those hats are adorable!

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