Sunday, November 28, 2010


We spent this gluttonous holiday in Utah.  There's something comical, intriguing, and fun about family gatherings.  It's a feast for people watchers.  And believe me, I'm a people watcher.  I love observing what motivates people.  But I also love being around people who know they're loved because of the nonsensical, impractical things they do.  I think that's why I love Ben's sister, Teri, so much.  Everyone teases Teri.  Everyone loves Teri.  She sets herself up for it, unintentionally, and everyone feeds off of it.  She laughs right along with us, because she knows we love her BECAUSE of these things.  It makes her who she is.  And I wouldn't change her.  In fact, I love being around her.  She's great.  I have to say that I feel pretty lucky to have married into this family.  They are a wonderfully down to earth, good-natured sort of family.  Their examples have certainly rubbed off on me and I'm praying that my own children take note of their goodness.

(Playing Around the World later that night.  It should be called Flashcard-Battles, or, Who Can Yell the Loudest.  I did have my fair share of victories . . . beating 10 year-olds.)

Unfortunately Ben didn't play in any Turkey Bowls this year.  I'm not sure what kept him away.  They did have lots of snow, probably too much to have a good game.  Ben spent the morning busily helping his mother do some Thanksgiving prep, while I was a lazy bum and slept in.  I know, some daughter-in-law, but it is what it is.  I did get up in time to do my assignments, set the table, etc.  I wasn't a complete slacker.  The meal was wonderful, the company hilarious, and all in all it was a great, great day!

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