Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lovely sort of day.

Get ready to drop dead.  Yes, the "Merry Valentine's Day" Christmas cards are in the mail!  I am mortified, but not enough to NOT send them.

The usual Valentine's Day fare at our house is pink heart-shaped pancakes.  Not today.  We had pancakes earlier in the week and I'm weird and can't make the same thing twice.  I had to get creative.

Pink Cream of Wheat.

Bad idea.  My kids hate PINK Cream of Wheat.  Apparently pink Cream of Wheat tastes totally different from the white kind (?).  I told them to imagine they were eating frosting for breakfast.  What mom would give her kids frosting for breakfast...they were LUCKY?!

Annie slaved away on her valentines this year.  Handmade in every way.  The boys, on the other hand, were content with store-bought.  Lazy bums.  I love them, I do.  

The kids surprised Ben and I by heart-attacking our bedroom.  It was a pretty sweet gesture, them acting all sneaky together, everyone coming away with smiles. It's so much better than tears.  They were proud as peacocks to show us their handiwork.  I told them I'd keep the hearts up forever.  You should have seen those smiles!

I wish I could say that Ben and I have some wildly romantic date planned.  We don't.  But I AM ordering heart-shaped pizzas from Papa Murphy's for dinner tonight.  If that's not enough to turn him on I don't know what is?!  Hah!    

It's nice to be loved.

But it's even nicer to give it away.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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