Monday, February 4, 2013

Annie turns 6.

This toothless girl had a birthday on Sunday.  Six years old!  

Birthdays on Sunday are a bit tricky for Sabbath-keeping folk.  Add to that a Fast Sunday and, well, it took the bells and whistles right out of the day.  We tried to celebrate with festivities the day before, out to lunch at Five Guys (per request), movie with the family, no chores.  But waking up on her real birthday with Dad at meetings and three out of the five at home fasting makes for a pretty sad celebratory morning.  Instead of crepes, it was Marshmallow Mateys for Annie.  Alone.  I sat by her and sang "Happy Birthday" a few times while she ate, hoping to make up for the crepe-less breakfast.  Luckily she smiled her way down to the last marshmallow.  Bless that girl.

Lincoln went above and beyond in the nice-brother department.  That, in and of itself, is a gift.  All day long he'd look for ways to make her life a little happier.  It's awful of me to admit that it surprises me sometimes, this selflessness, but I'm grateful, so grateful.  As much as he needs me, I sure don't know what I'd do without him.  I learn a lot from that kid.

I noticed Annie's little body, looking taller, leaner, stretching out, losing some of the little girl softness and I felt a twinge of helplessness.  She's becoming her own little person, independent of me.  Soon she'll be able to make her own Ramen noodles!  What will I do then?!

Luckily she still needs me to put on her right glove.  Still needs me to pour the milk on her cereal.  Still needs my help reading words like "lunch" and "buckaroo."  

Still needs a kiss before bed.

Hopefully, that will never change.

Happy Birthday, sweet Annie Grace.

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