Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Veteran's Day 2012.

It's moments like this, right after a frustrating election, that give me hope for the future.

I don't know how many schools around the country have a Veteran's Day program, but we do every year.  It's the one program a year that I can guarantee tears on my part.  

The kids sang beautifully and spoke their parts with dignity.  The innocence in children's voices is a force to be reckoned with.  I turn into a blubbering sucker every time.  

Every armed force has a song and every time the kids sang one, the veterans in the room stood, saluted, and sat down.  I watched them as their lips moved, quietly singing along.  I thought a lot about their camaraderie, their sacrifice, and what memories are conjured from those songs.  Extreme circumstances leave imprints on a soul and there's bound to be an unspoken loyalty among those who've served our country in a time of war.

There is a definite spirit that accompanies patriotism, a very real and tangible feeling.  Without fail, I'm moved to tears just thinking about it.  I love my country. I revere my country.

(I think one of the things that bugs me about President Obama is that I never sense this great love of country.  He seems to be more of a politician than a statesmen.  He focuses on issues rather than principles.  That being said, I'm still praying for the guy.)

Watching these kids gives me hope about the future.  They're being raised in a small community that promotes goodness, integrity, faith, patriotism, and hard work.  I guess you could say it's a breeding ground for true statesmenship :).

I'm glad I was there to feel it all, to remember, and to be grateful.  (And to catch Lincoln scratching his cheek...or, um, picking his nose...I'm leaning towards the later.)


RaeLynn said...

I so wish Cole's school did an assembly like this. I could have used it after seeing the election results. Instead there was no school due to Parent Teacher Conferences. Maybe next year!

Lanette said...

Maybe you oughta head it up there, missy? I could totally see you putting something like that together. And I bet you'd have a lot of support. I've seen you (via computer) as a community organizer of sorts before. Something to think about...

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