Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I think I CAN, I think I CAN.

We've canned a lot of salsa lately, and to tell you the truth, I'm kinda anxious to get that smell out the door.  

However, there's a new perfume in my house at present called ripening peaches and pears...and IT IS delicious!  And, unfortunately, it's calling my name.

I don't love canning.  I cringe a little when I feel time-sensitive pressure to get it done before it's too late.  But I DO love the thought that my mom canned and my grandmothers canned and I think their mothers canned, too.  I feel like I'm continuing a long, industrious, self-sufficient tradition, connecting myself to them in a small way.

And, I love to see a job completed.  Jars in neat rows.  Uniform.

Although, who on earth would wear WHITE pants when canning salsa?  Not my brightest moment.

Annie helped a good chunk of the time, but the need to build a fort IN THE KITCHEN took precedence.  Slacker :).

Ben and I held our breath until the last jar gave us the satisfying POP, letting us know that they had all successfully sealed.

And I won twenty bucks when Ben challenged me to drink a glass jalapeno water (we cut them under water when we clean them out).  My throat burned for a bit and, well, he laughed at me...which I took as a sign that he loves me, of course. 

A job well done and another year of Sunday nachos!

** In other news: I took some time yesterday and watched a short video about 9/11 (click HERE for that).  The man who put it together presented it at Ben's office; I'm not sure if it's because he's a local business owner or because Ben works primarily with the federal government?  Regardless, I was grateful.  

At any given moment someone's life is changed in dramatic ways, while all around them people are dropping their kids off at school or doing the laundry or eating a hamburger at McDonald's.  I'm always thrown when things like that happen, when I see them juxtaposed.

Remembering is a powerful influence.  I was sobered yesterday.  I held my kids a little tighter, a little longer.  I realized how lucky I was to have Ben's feet under the covers at night keeping mine warm.


Heather said...

well - the beauty of white pants is that you can bleach!

I'm so proud of you for canning so much. That really is such a feeling to feel a bit of that self reliance. I love seeing the fruits of my labors. Ummm, but I don't can. But I do freeze peaches. :) Someday I'll dare to can.

Yesterday was sobering. Even my kids felt it and understood.

Lanette said...

Well, Heather, I wouldn't say SO MUCH. I'm not an over-achieving canner, just enough to get by, you know? And honestly, it's more motivated by Ben, of all people. He has some weird idea in his mind that we need to can stuff. Go figure.

I figure whatever small ways we try to be self-reliant, whether canning, freezing, or purchasing:), are what matters. So your freezing and my canning are equally AWESOME!!

if only we lived close enough to do a little trade...I LOVE having a little stash of frozen peaches. Have you ever tried strawberry shortcake using yummmmyyyy. Freeze away, sister!!

Unknown said...

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