Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Lately we've been super proud of this:

And tender hearted about this (if Ben knew Will was doing this DURING the game he'd FREAK, hah):

And biting our nails during this:

And loving the togetherness of this:

And whistling at this:

And cheering for this:

And imagining the high school version of this (yikes):

My boys are working hard.  Every day of the week almost.  And Ben's right there behind them, banging on helmets and shoulder pads, yelling at them to GET HUNGRY!  I kinda feel sorry for all those kids.  He doesn't go lightly when he WHACKS them upside the head.  But I guess that's what guys do, um, you know, to get them pumped up, or something like that.

Soccer, anyone?

** In other news: where were you September 11, 2001?  I was one month shy of delivering my first baby,   beginning my first semester AT HOME as a new momma-to-be.  Ben was at school, finishing his Master's program.  My mom called in the morning and told me to turn on the tv.  I sat there all day.


Honey said...

I love it! :)

It was my first AT HOME semester, too. Rylee was 2.5 months and Ryan's mom called and told us. I sat there all day, as well, in complete shock.

Lanette said...

It's weird to look back and remember that we were alive for something like this...our own version of Pearl Harbor, so to speak. My kids are always asking me to tell them what it was like. I did the same thing to my grandparents about WWII stuff when I was a kid.

It's strange to think that the mundaneness of life goes on for some while other's lives are changed forever...all in a moment.

RaeLynn said...

11 years seems like an eternity ago, yet I remember it so clearly.

I'm loving all the pics!

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