Monday, September 10, 2012


Lincoln planted this sunflower seed at the end of last school year.  He gave it to Sofie, our exchange student.  She nurtured that little seed in her window until the day she left.

We transplanted that little darling in our garden.  I didn't think it would make it.  Not much "makes it" in our garden, but we have little successes here and there.  Enough to keep me planting each year.  Our soil is the pits.  Every year we improve it a little more, as much as our budget will allow (which isn't always, well, abundant).  I'm finally coming to terms with projects that take time, as much as I kick against the pricks at the thought.  Two more years and I think we'll be set.

As much as I thought our sunflower would die, I never lost hope.  I still watered it, protected it from frost and wind, fertilized it once a week.  Before I knew it, it was growing up and up and up.  The stalk was firm and thick.  I didn't realize how strong it had to be to grow so tall and support so much weight!  The blossom alone weighs pounds, I'm sure.

I am so happy for our sunflower.  Lincoln is so proud of his sunflower.
(see that little tin can around the base?  I used that to protect it from the wind.  Before I knew it, the plant was too big to take the can off, so there it remains, proof that it was once a teeny little seedling.)

Taking that picture of Lincoln next to his prize I couldn't help but think about him, our other kids, myself, even.  We start small.  Delicate.  Tender.  If we're nurtured, protected, and loved, we blossom.  We're made to withstand wind and rain.  Our stalks are strong, not because of the wind, but because we were already made to be strong.  I guess the wind proves to us what we're really made of, helps us see our strength when tested.

God didn't make us weak.  He MADE us and MAKES us STRONG.  

I need to have more faith in my own little seeds sometimes.  I catch myself worrying a lot about them.  Will they stand strong?  Will they let the wind blow them down?  Often I find I'm not looking at who they really are as much as just worrying about a little kid thrown into a harsh, scary world, wondering WHO ON EARTH can get through this mess?  

I need to take my own advice and remember that God made them strong to begin with.  And before I know it they'll grow into this larger than life, beautiful, blossoming wonder.

** In other news,  I've realized that vomit spewed in your face by a child at 2 am, trying to help her to the toilet, isn't ideal.


belliesue said...

Beautiful! I don't remembering noticing all the beautiful sunflowers in previous years. I think I will try to start those little seedlings next year! Here's hoping they will get the nurturing care needed throughout the summer to stand strong and tall. We will continue to cherish the time we have to nourish these little seedling souls now! Can't wait to see the giants they will become!

RaeLynn said...

Oh I loved this post. And a total chuckle with that last line :)

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