Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Human chutes and ladders.

Can I just say that I have some pretty darn creative friends (Angela, we missed you in this picture)?!
Yesterday a whole crew of us (moms and kids) went on a mission: 
to hit as many slides in the area as we could.  
We would open an envelope at each stop that would direct us to our next slide.  (As you'll see, I only took pictures at one stop...this place was the PERFECT grandma yard!!)
The kids LOVED it, you could see the excitement, anticipation, in their eyes.  Well, most of them anyway.  Some of the "olders" were a little too cool to show their excitement--you know, reputations and all--but I could see right through them once they started running to the next stop, like all the other little kids.
One of my friends gave a little motivational pep-talk about the coming school year, using slides as a metaphor, climbing HIGH, reaching your goals, etc....and invited the kids to share their ideas as well.
Our list was long.  There are tons of slides around here.  I think after about six stops we were ready for lunch.  And there just happened to be slides at McDonald's, so...that's where we went (creative friends, right?).  I think the moms were all worn out by that point, I know I was with Sam skipping his morning nap.  We decided to call it good and forgo the other slides around town.
The kids were happy (except sleep-deprived Sam),
moms were happy.
Our mission was a stunning success!  

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