Monday, August 13, 2012

Homemade zip line, do or die.

Sometimes my kids get WILD ideas.  And sometimes, if it's not against the law, I just have to let them go through with it.  Like this little zip line idea.  They were bound and determined to get this thing up and running.  And I was bound and determined to stay in my cozy little chair on the patio.  Watching.  Listening. 

There's something about watching kids figure out stuff on their own.  Too often I want to step in, fix things, make it better.  Too often I DO step in.  I need to take a step back more often, because, really, this was super entertaining.  I can't imagine all the hilarious stuff I've missed out on because I inserted myself into the equation.

 Hammering the line in the ground.
 Not high enough.  Had to stretch the ladder out to FULL CAPACITY.  Whoa.
 Daddy's home.  "What in the world are you guys doing?!"  Heh, he doesn't stop them either.
 Lincoln is ALWAYS the fall guy.  Always.  And yes.  It fell.  Halfway down.  He cried.  But was okay.

And that was that.  They picked up the pieces and put it all away.  
All in a day's work.  
Until next time, of course...

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