Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Girl trouble.

Brigham got a phone call yesterday.  From a girl.  I handed him the phone and he walked out of the kitchen (where I was making cookies...that's the drill when friends are over).  He walked back into my view and, boy oh boy, that kids face was as RED as a beet!  My curiosity was piqued.  He hung up the phone and said, "Well, that was weird."
I asked what happened.  He said that a girl-who-shall-remain-nameless told him who she was and then said, "I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!" and hung up!  Hah!  

Girls are NOT shy these days, are they?  And I loved that Brigham didn't quite know how to handle the attention.  It was sweet, and made me realize that he's still innocent enough to listen when I tell him that girlfriends are trouble until after his mission, and just to have fun with lots of different girls.  Be a friend NOT a lover:).

We had some good times "kicking a dead horse" over that phone call.  He's a good sport.  


Katie The Lady said...

Wow- it starts that young? Girls really are trouble!

Candy said...

hahaha! I love this story.
how old is he now?

and that girl was probably with a bunch of other girls and the ol', "I dare you to call him and say I love you" happened. :)

I'm sure it won't be the last of this either with all those great kiddos of yours!

Lanette said...

Yes! Girls are trouble!

Candy, Brigham is turning eleven in October. He's starting middle school this fall, and, I'll admit, I think it's a little young for these guys to brave a middle school atmosphere. It's like a moment of truth or something where you ask yourself if you've taught them enough to handle "stuff" on their own. Fingers crossed...

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