Sunday, July 22, 2012

Army-crawling at night and getting gypped.

Just had to jot down a few moments for memory's sake.  

I stood in the dark upstairs after tucking the kids in bed.  I had a feeling that a certain Annie would attempt to bedroom hop.  After a minute or two I watched as a little five year-old body army-crawled half-way to Lincoln's room.  She looked so funny, like she really thought she was fooling somebody.  All is took was a "tsss" from me and, without a word, she walked--slump-shouldered, toes-dragging--back to her looooonely bedroom.
At Church today, in Primary, we were talking about lying, cheating, and stealing.  Each class was asked to share a real-life experience, good or bad, where the kids were faced with the temptation to lie, cheat, or steal.  Lincoln was the lucky one in his class.  Based on his story, I could tell that he really has a "sound" understanding of this concept.  Or not.  At all!  Here's the story:

Lincoln was taking a math test at school.  He didn't know an answer so he looked at another kid's paper.  When the test was returned the answer he copied was WRONG.  He was so mad that he went to all that trouble to look at his neighbors paper, only to get it wrong!  He was gypped (I googled that spelling, I'd never written it before.  Funny.).

Obviously, once again, I find myself lacking in the teaching-my-children-to-understand-right/wrong department.  This was just one of those moments where I had to laugh it off because 1) It WAS pretty hilarious and 2) I couldn't take it back, adults and children alike shared this candid moment with me, and, well, it is what it is.
Life is never dull.  Kids continue to amaze and entertain.  THIS is my life.  It's a good one.


Honey said...

I love it! :)

Just a few months ago, I learned that gypped was correlated with Gypsies - obviously not in a good way...oops. So the spelling makes sense to me now. Here's to learning new things! :)

Marilou said...

Ha! Gypped, for sure.

Lanette said...

I know, Marilou!! Can't you hear him saying that?! Oh, that sweet boy. What am I to do...

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