Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just Dance.

I've kept Annie pretty close to me for most of her life.  However, a girl can only beg SO much before her mother relents and signs her up for a dance/gymnastics class.  

This was a very introductory kind of class.  I don't think any of these girls have danced before.  Which in my opinion is awesome, purely because they're awkward and excited and enthralled and off-balance and innocent to how adorably cute they look with their unpointed toes and stumbling ways.

I can't decide if I would've liked dance as a kid?  My mom said she offered, to which I adamantly declined.  I had big brothers.  I wanted to pee standing up, for crying out loud :).  However, looking back, I always envied the costumes and the recitals and the grace that accompanied dance.  I LOVE watching people dance.  The body is a gorgeous tool.

Annie is little miss femininity.  So unlike myself at her age.  She wants to stay after her class and watch the "big" girls' dance.  She's enamored with the whole experience.

I wonder if this class is the beginning of something for her?  Something in which she yearns to excel.  Who knows?  All I know is that she loves it.  And I don't mind spending an hour each week with my face glued to the big glass windows as my little girl moves with delight.

It all seems so la-di-dah right now.  So idealized.  When in reality I know how vicious girls can be sometimes, especially as they grow older.  And dance isn't cheap, oh boy, not cheap at all.  And commitment!  In spite of the beauty, these are ALSO the realities.  Do I want to deal with that stuff?  I guess you find all these issues with any activity you pursue with gusto.  

For now, I'm choosing to remain ignorant of the future and enjoy the present.  Footloose and fancy-free :).

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Honey said...

Darling pictures - esp. the one of you and Annie. :)

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