Friday, May 11, 2012


It's getting closer.

William is sure to remind me EVERY DAY how many more days of school are left (8, that's it).

I'm feeling all this anxious energy to get school behind us, and not just from the kids.  As much as I love kissing my sweeties out the door to catch the bus, I love even more the hours upon end of summer-ness.

Structure is necessary, I get that.  However, my soul yearns for the freedom to SLOW DOWN.  Days spent lying in the grass, popsicles in hand, pretending to find cloud-shapes of animals in the sky.  I say "pretend" because we rarely can find the animal that Lincoln claims is up there.  
But, it's fun to try.  
There's time for trying 
in the summer.

(Please cast your eyes on Lincoln, or Tarzan.)

I can feel how close it is.  
The dress-ups get more creative:  
Spies, snipers, storm-troopers...and, a princess...with a gun.
The trees welcome back their friends.
Little feet turn brownish-black.
The front porch railing dons day after day of wet clothes and towels.
Daily footprints on the wood floors tell boundless tales of adventure.
If I got a dollar for every otter pop wrapper found in the yard, I'd be beyond rich.
Windows are THROWN open.
The smell of grass and sky sweeps through the house.
My toenails finally get painted:).
Our house bursts with delicious freckles.

I could go on forever.  These are my Garden of Eden moments.  I can hardly wait.

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