Saturday, May 12, 2012


Well, getting to be a momma is by far the wonderfullest of wonderfuls.
And the craziest of crazies,
And the funniest of funnies,
And the messiest of messies,
And the stinkiest of stinkies,
And the sweetest of sweeties,
And the warmest fuzzy of fuzzies,
And the coolest of cools.
(And let's see if I can conjure up any other new words that spell-check detests.)

I just can't believe that I get to love five little people...and one Sofie...and a puppy...and six chickens...and a husband to boot.

(Yes, that's a big, fat, girly barrette in Sam's hair.  Oh dear.)

Someone once said that she couldn't have any more kids after her first because she didn't think she'd be able to love another.  I remember rolling that thought around in my brain when I was pregnant with our first.  However, I've learned that it's just not true.  No way, no how.

Here's what I know is true: there isn't a cap on love.  It doesn't have to be divided and shared because there's not enough to go around.  It grows.  There's no limit.  And that, my friends, is the greatest lesson I've learned as a mother.

(Yes, that's an unhappy face.  Probably because of his girly-barrette, or . . . he wishes it was ME that was kissing him.  You decide.)

So to all of you nurturers, mothers, women,
Happy Mother's Day.

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