Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Tea parties are not uncommon at our house.

Especially when you have such an adorable tea set from the sweetest grandma.

On such splendid occasions, I revert to my English-self.  Annie is too delighted to meet her.  Well, sheepish is more like it.  I love a good sheepish grin.

Sam had his own version of a tea party close by.

We made toasts to friendship, love, light, and plants.  I don't think you toast at real English teas, but we don't play by the rules.  We're Americans, remember?

Our goodies were chocolate chips, but Annie insisted that their tea party name was "door handles."  I guess Americans not only don't play by the rules, but we make up our own, too?

She tries so hard to keep things etiquette-worthy.  I often hear, "Oops, I forgot my pinky!" or "Okay, let's restart."

Oh, and modesty is not required.  Once again, Americans, remember?

(Rereading this, I thought what a sad commentary on how an American views her own society.  I jest, mostly.  Except for the modesty part...but, compared with the rest of the world, I think they'd say we're a little too modest:).)
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