Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We picked up one of the boys' friends from a school across town.  He's practically a family member, I treat him like my own child.  This guy is a character.  He's an adult in a little boy's body, well, a big boy's body, he's nearly 11.

Anyway, we're driving past the middle school and a D.A.R.E. PT Cruiser is parked in the lot.  They asked what a cop was doing at the school?  I told them all about D.A.R.E., how they teach kids about drugs and the harm they do, etc.  That opened a can of worms.

Our friend, the adultish-little/big boy, tells us these FACTS (by his tone, you could tell he meant business):

Drugs turn you into a serial killer.
Drugs make you commit suicide.
People with drugs are tricky.

And, funniest of all, THIS exclamation:


Have I mentioned I love this kid?

(p.s. I don't even think my kids know what a serial killer is.  Half the time I'm laughing about the things this boy says because I know darn well my kids have absolutely no idea what he's talking about.)

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Candy said...

that is pretty funny.

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