Thursday, April 26, 2012

feel goods.

What's more fun when you're sick-as-a-dog, than to look at some feel good pictures from the past few days?  

I'm glad we're in agreement:).

Making Will's birthday cheesecake, I spilled graham cracker crumbs all over the floor.  Check out my weird footprint.

When you're bored, why not tie yourself to a chair...just for fun?

Crayons in nose.  How juvenile:).

I caught Annie copying the words from this book into her little notebook, using vertical lines to separate each word.  She called it her "poem." 


Oh.My.Sweetness. part II

Annie playing school.  Sammy playing school.

Guess what Sammy's up to these days, that sweet little fella? 

Why we love grandmas who make adorable hats for their grandchildren. 

1 comment:

katieo said...

I'm so sorry you're sick! love all the pictures.



Please give him a big lovey dovey huggy from all of us down here.


WHen you wrote this: "that sweet little fella" I swear I could HEAR YOU SAY IT. :)

hope you're feeling better soon.

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