Thursday, February 9, 2012

Second-hand Princess.

Our library offers themed kits that they put together filled with books, DVD's, stuffed animals, etc.  Part of our weekly library story-time ritual is checking out a kit.  There is much melting down on the part of a certain 5 year-old if we "forget" to check out a kit.

Sometimes I choose to "forget" because my hands are already too full of car seats and purses and coats and other library bags.  Those kits get heavy.  I've escaped the library kit-free only a time or two, it takes some serious distractions to work one over on Annie.

(Another reason I "forget" is because I have a major brain malfunction when it comes to returning things to the library ON TIME.  These kits are $1/day if they're late.  Pre-tty steep if you ask me.  I KNOW from first-hand experience.)

Today was the Princess kit.  Why this kit comes with a purple feather boa is beyond me, but to Annie, it certainly enhanced the princess-ness that was HERSELF.  She was a library princess all day long: shedding boa, broken crown, bent wand.  More like a second-hand princess, but adorable nonetheless:).

Sometimes, I get awfully giddy about the girlishness circulating through our home.  It's a delightful contrast to these rough and tumble boys.

If only her wand could work a little magic in my laundry room!  I'm hoping this embarrassing disclosure pushes me to tackle the issue.  Can you tell I've avoided it for, um, about 3 months?  I'm pretty good at pretending something isn't there.  Denial.  Sometimes we all need a little to get through life:).


Poulsen Family said...

You're laundry room looks like our office. Nice to know I'm not the only one putting off the task.

Cylee Pressley said...

First of all, I love your little girl...she is such a cutie. And second, I love the trash pile in the laundry...its nice to know that your house isn't always perfect!!

And finally thanks for sending us that Christmas card...I think thats awesome you still sent it out!

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