Thursday, February 2, 2012

Busy days.

I was frantically whipping up a batch of cupcakes for Annie's preschool birthday treat. Tommorow (Friday) is her big day, five years old!  I had one hour to shower, get ready, feed Sam, make cupcakes AND frost them (with little candies and sprinkles on top, by request), and make it to Annie's class before it ended.

This was just one little part of my chock-full day.  Watching my mixer I thought, This is exactly how I feel, running at a frantic pace, trying to stay one step ahead of the game for fear of sinking!

I don't like busy days.  I never want to be a busy person.  I like DOING, but never too much at once because then I can't feel what's going on around me.  Does that make sense?  If everything is rushed, I miss out on so much of what makes life grand, like relationships and people.  This is totally a romantic idea, but it's true.

We made it to Annie's class with fifteen minutes to spare.  Miracles never cease!  Driving there was so beautiful.  The sun came out and melted all the snow on the roads, making them steam.  I hopped out of my car, quick, to take a picture.  My friend pulled over to ask if everything was okay.  I felt a little silly telling her I was going to stand in the middle of a 50 MPH road to take a picture of the steam.  Oh, well.  She laughed and continued on.

The cupcakes may not have looked too pretty, but Annie sure did!  I love that sweet, little girl.  I am enjoying practically every moment I spend with her.  I don't think my mom could say the same about me:).  She had to wait until I got married to enjoy "every moment."  By then I wasn't such a handful!

Annie was pleased as punch to pass out napkins and cupcakes to all her friends.  She felt like a star.  However, once preschool ended and the carpool dropped off, we were rushing to our next engagement.  SCIENCE FAIR DAY!

Believe me, I'm saving this can of worms for its own post!  Just know that we spent a quick fifteen minutes in a Burger King/gas station parking lot, nursing Sam, so we could grab lunch for the boys and get there in time to eat and check out the book fair before they had to get back to their science projects!

Oh, and the night before, I learned a lot about ordering Chinese food for the first time.  For starters, it's way too expensive.  I about croaked when I paid for carry-out.  $40.63!  Holy cow.  

I think Sam was glued to his car-seat from 8 am-1:30 pm.  He never had one full feeding all day long.  Just little snippets here and there.  Poor little baby.

I think I went back and forth to the elementary school four times (about forty miles total). Boy, that drive got awfully boring.  And long.

The day is done.  I AM DONE.  I need some serious beauty sleep for the big birthday bash tommorow!  (BIG being our family and Grandma and Grandpa, heh.)


Katie The Lady said...

It astonishes me how similar we are, as I read your posts. Completely different people, but the things you write sound sound much like the things I think! I too, hate overly busy days. I never wanted to be the perfect looking mom, who's kids' lives were consumed with activities and events. I love my mellow life with time for long walks and slow meals. Hope you had a chance to rest in the evening!

Happy birthday to little Miss adorable!

Cortney Pearson said...

Happy Birthday to Annie! Sounds like you were very busy!!! :D

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