Saturday, February 4, 2012

5 Alive.

Yesterday Annie turned five.  The kids didn't have school because of parent-teacher conferences.  We had an entire day to party.  Boy, did we ever!

Ben made crepes with nutella, bananas, and whipped cream.  Annie's favorite breakfast.  Then, Annie I were off to the beauty school to meet Grandma for manicures.

Annie and Grandma went all out with bright colors and flowers.  I'm not as pizzazzy when it comes to nails.  I'm more simple, not such a color person.  However, they convinced me to get a little flashy.  Soul-mate.  That was my color.

Annie and I baked the cake together.  I love using Wilton icing colors at Walmart to brighten up a cake.  They are so much bolder than food coloring.  We made a pink and purple cake.  I am no cake-connoisseur, by an stretch of the word, so I'm grateful that my kids care more that we made a cake especially for them, instead of caring about what it looks like.  Phew.  

We are definite bowl-lickers over here.

The party was at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Annie opened her gifts and hands down, Grandma scored, big time.  She'd been dying for ballet slippers, but wanted them with ribbon that ties up the leg.  We found some slippers and Grandma sewed ribbon on the heels.  What a hit.  As we speak, Annie is at Grandma's dancing to the Nutcracker ballet in her family room.

William couldn't pass up the chance to make us laugh, of course.  And Annie kept pulling her pants up, so her ballet slippers were showing.  Oh, and see her swimsuit skirt hanging out of her pants?  Yeah, she was pretty excited to go swimming after cake and ice cream.

I couldn't find the frosting I was going to use to write "Happy Birthday Annie" on her cake.  How ghetto is this?  HBA?!  Happy Birthday Annie.  She was so sweet, saying that it looked like a flower.  Bless her.

We made it to the swimming pool.  Ten minutes into their swim, William jumped in the water.  Lincoln followed too close behind and cracked his chin on William's head.  There was blood EVERYWHERE!  Water and cuts on the head/chin make for a pretty gruesome scene.  JAWS flash-backs.

Lincoln was done for the night.  We probably should have taken both of them to urgent care for stitches.  It was late, the pool is 45 minutes from civilization.  We didn't do it.
Ben took Lincoln home to watch a movie.  Watching the others swim was too much for an exhausted, injured little fella.  We got Will's bleeding under control so he kept swimming without getting his head wet.  We've sure had our share of bleeding heads.  It almost seems like a regular occurrence with all these boys.  I am not phased by blood anymore.  Any they're pretty tough now, too.

On the drive home, in a drowsy voice, Annie said, "Mommy, I don't feel like I'm five yet."  

I said, "In a few days I bet you will."  

The moment her head hit the pillow she was asleep.  Sweet girl.  I sure love her.

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katieo said...

happy birthday Annie!!

(CRACKING UP over here at "HBA."
so hilarious.)

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