Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's a boy thing.

The boys started football.
Flag football.
Brigham COULD have played tackle this year, but--much to his father's chagrin and his mother's relief--
he chose to play flag. 
The wisdom of youth.
If you ask me, I think it's ridiculous to have kids play tackle football when they're in 4th grade. 
Let them be kids! 
Just my opinion.

There's an up-side to this football stuff.
Football is Ben's baby.
He revels in the glory and nostalga of his state-championship winning high school football days.
He was good.
He's waited a long time for his boys to start playing.
Every night they go outside and work on plays.
They say things that I don't understand.
"Down and in."
"Button hook."
And I LOVE watching.
They have so much fun together.
And I get to see my boys trying so hard, looking like little studly teenage boys with their fancy footwork.
It's cute.
They're cute.

Games start in September. 
Don't you love football games in the fall? 
They go together. 
I can almost smell the crisp, autumn air. 
The smell of burning leaves. 
The taste of hot-chocolate. 
So good.

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Katie The Lady said...

Yay for Fall and football! Thanks so much for telling me about Rexburg's league! What teams are your boys on? We have a Raven and a charger.

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