Wednesday, July 20, 2011


(Do your best to avoid the stilt stuck in the bush behind me, as well as the lone shoe, which isn't ours, oh, and the mosquito bites on my legs.  I saved you the trouble of avoiding my poor, vein-laden right leg.  I subconsciously covered it up with my hands.  Bless you, subconscious.  You are a true friend.)

Do you wog?
I'm thinkin' I might be the creator of a new colloquialism for pregnant women everywhere.

Wog: v. Walking interspersed with moments of hilarious--but diligent--jogging, usually displayed by third trimester pregnant women trying to stay in shape.  Such sights are most commonly followed by prolonged periods of laughter by those witnessing said wogging.  Be kind. Wait 'til they pass to laugh.

I wog.  My body is fickle.  Some mornings I feel like I could run and run and run (that's being a little too generous.  EDIT: jog and jog and jog).  Others I just have to walk.  I get so bored walking, or maybe it's that I feel like I'm not as effective when I walk.  I want a full body workout.  I'd be happy with a full rear-end workout.  I need to learn how to walk fast in a way that tones my bum.  Maybe I'll google it?  If you know, TELL ME!

I've learned something about myself this pregnancy.  I thought I was a consistent exerciser with my other pregnancies.  I thought I drank a lot of water.  I didn't.  Not compared with this time.  I'm proud to say that I'm consistently wogging 6 days a week with a light walk on Sunday.  I'm drinking (or ice-chewing) water all day long.  Going potty all day long.  Annoying?  Yes.  But, my swollen ankles are grateful and I can tell a difference in my skin and overall wellness.  I feel really great and I attribute it to those two things, daily exercise and water, specifically.  Wait, the sun helps, too.  Early morning sunrises are so motivating.  I want to be out there soaking it up before the kiddos are awake.  It's my time to think things through.  Just me, myself, and I.  I relish my mornings.  I'm not sure I'd be as consistent if it was the middle of winter.  Dark and cold and Lanette just don't go together.

p.s. Wogging isn't exclusive to pregnant people.  Join the movement.  However, I bet you'll look a lot more suave than I do.  And, . . . that would make me jealous.  SO, no wogging on my road . . . OR ELSE (unless your 9 months pregnant).

Happy Wednesday!


Heather said...

I'm so jealous. I want to Wog in the morning light! This baby is so low, I can barely walk. Darn it! Enjoy your wogging for me too!

Brian and Ali Childs said...

Ha ha. you are so cute Lanette. I totally Wogged. Although not as constantly as you. :) You go sister!

Shelley Gee said...

This has caused me to think greatly about what I do and I say it would have to be woggiling or walking and jiggiling. Which is worse??????

Katie The Lady said...

You are so freakin hilarious! I love it! I'm going to have to spend the rest of my day reading back through your posts, hoping for a good and expected laugh!

Harley said...

What time do you Wog? I might have to conveniently take a drive. :) You are awesome! I no more could have wogged in the 3rd tri than a mama elephant delivering any day. You are so cute prego! :) When are you due anyway?

shannon said...

Haha! This so makes me laugh! That is EXACTLY how I feel. I just wogged this morning and I do feel like anyone driving by is sure getting a good laugh!! Good job about being so diligent! I can't say that I've been out wogging 6 days a week though! You are amazing! Some days I just feel SOO tired! You're an inspiration to me!

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