Monday, July 25, 2011

I've never had success blowing up a tiny water balloon with air.
Just thinking about it makes my cheeks burn and the blood vessels in my brain fret.
Do you know the feeling?
There's nothing fun about it.

It's like me trying to walk normal at 10 PM, without waddling. 
Hah, nice try!
Futility.  Again.
Just thinking about THAT makes me realize that I AM as pregnant as I really am.

OR, trying to teach Lincoln that it's NOT OKAY to hit unless someone's kidnapping you . . . .
Sometimes that can feel pretty futile.
I have visions of Lincoln's greatness. 
But for now, my mantra is:
"channel for good, channel for good, channel for good."

As with most things that are really important . . . and really hard tricky, I just keep trying.
(Except the water balloon.  I've pretty much given up on that.)
I've realized I'm grateful to have things to work on.
And it's a good thing because, boy, oh, boy, do I have a lot to work on!

So, "joy in the journey" and "come what may, and love it" take on renewed meaning for me.

I love a good challenge.

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