Saturday, April 2, 2011

Present . . . once again.

Dare I make a come-back?

Will you welcome me back?  Consider me the prodigal son in the Bible.  Here's what I'm hoping for: open arms, tears . . . a feast, perhaps?  You're all invited.  Well, I won't expect quite as much, but the open arms part would be nice. 

It's always hard to pick up where you left off.  For me, I couldn't stand seeing my fang-face anymore!  "Oh, geez," I'd think to myself every time I hopped on the blog to check on all of you, welcomed by the not-so-flattering retardness that is myself.  Oh well, I yam what I yam(Seriously, Lanette, cut it out already!)

The frequent blogger that I was, taking a break stirred these weird, totally false feelings in my poor self.  For example, if I didn't blog it, well, shoot, my life wasn't as important.  Retarded Idea #1, I know.  There was a list of retarded ideas and I'll spare you the details.  I do have my pride, you know.

It took some time, but I got over these feelings.  Life continues whether you blog it or not.  Life is GREAT whether you blog it or not.  Some of the neatest people on this planet don't blog.  Does that make them not as capable or cool or savvy or whatever?  Heck no. 

So, I'm happy to be back.  A little more balanced, a little--hopefully--less retarded.  Well, um, that might be asking too much.  That is one quality that would be too hard to mask.  You're stuck with Fang-Face.

Here we go again!


Jilene said...

Glad you're back! :) Hope you had a good birthday. And a little birdy told me something....

Debbie and Bobby said...

Don't worry your blog-breaks are a lot shorter than mine Glad your back...til the next break, right? ;o)

Marilou said...

I'm glad you are back-I missed you. Although I do understand the need for breaks.
And I am curious what that little birdy told Jilene...
We should talk soon.

katieo said...

who is this birdy?

is it - oh I don't know - THE STORK??????

do update.

als. love that picture of Annie. her little lips are *almost* a frownsmile. Could you please include some kind of frownsmile in your next post? It would make me ever so happy.

Honey said...

I'm glad you're back! (I tend to worry when people who blog regularly miss a bit - glad you're ok.)

You gotta love the comment sections on blogs! I want to know what the little birdy said, too. I'll try and wait patiently :)

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