Friday, February 11, 2011

60 Toes is Grateful.

I'm going to try something new on 60 Toes

In an effort to remind myself that I have many, many things for which to be grateful, I'm devoting Friday posts to this:  what things each week have caused me to give thanks.  I know that there will always be too many to list.  This seems to be the case once you start thinking about your blessings.

1.  Neutrogena concealer and Maybelline bronzer.  Some people are natural beauties.  I'm not [not that I think I'm ugly either.  It's just the truth].  Someone once said, "Even a barn looks better with a fresh coat of paint."  I think I've thanked God every day this week for make-up.  I'm so grateful that we've come so far that make-up is not only for the saloon-gals!

2.  A kind and good husband.  Often I don't realize just how much he wants to please me, to love me, to make me happy.  This is the result of my being the more selfish partner, not because he isn't constantly doing those things.  He is!  I expect to be doted on [aggghh, I hate to admit that].  I think his heart is bigger than mine and his love is deeper.  I love him, too, so much.  I just consider him the way better half.  [For example, remember my Mr. Darcy post two days ago?  Ben left me a note this morning before leaving for work, "Love ya tons.  Eventhough I can't live up to Darcy, I will try.  I do think I would look better than him in a frockcoat and knickers...."].  Good guy.  'Nuf said.

3.  Bright colored socks.  I bought a bunch of PUMA socks at TJ Maxx a while ago.  BRIGHT COLORS!  I've never bought colored socks before.  I love them.  They are happy even when the sun isn't shining.  I need all the help I can get to make it through winter.

4.  God.  Father in Heaven always leads me to read things that I need to read, right when I need to read them most . . . even when I don't WANT to read what I NEED to read.

5.  Scarves.  Nothing livens up an outfit like accessories.  I've slowly acquired lots of scarves, belts, and other treasures to give my clothes a spark.  I love that they make me feel cute, in-style, warm.  Sometimes my scarf was the only thing keeping me positive about how I looked that day.

6.  A Friend.  I have many friends.  However, I was invited to a woman's home whom I just met a week ago.  Our daughters are the same age.  Living in the country, I don't have to talk to anyone if I don't want to.  You never just RUN into people getting your mail, etc.  I had a lovely visit with a truly happy, optimistic, real, faith-filled woman.  I think she's my inspiration for doing this Friday Gratitude thing.  I looked at her and thought, "Wow, I used to be like that.  What's changed?  How can I be like that again?"  I've felt weighed down lately.  Being around others enlivens me.  I want to feel enlivened at home, too, instead of just Mom, who keeps things running smoothly.  I want my kids to see my passion for all things beautiful in this world.  I want it to emanate from me.

7.  Canned food.  Since Novemeber I've done ZIPPO in the exercise department.  I can feel my once-firm bod slowly softening to mush.  Not just my body, but my state of mind.  Exercise is SO good for my mentality.  Have you ever felt 10 lbs. heavier because you didn't work out?  It's a very real feeling.  It's awful.  I started on my treadmill again.  I took my pineapple tidbits and cherry pie-filling in hand and got to work.  The canned goods are code for I'm a cheapskate and too cold to leave the house to buy weights.

8.  Oranges.  I don't know what it is but I can't get enough of my juicy oranges.  I guess I've been lacking vitamin C or something.  Thank heavens for oranges this week!

And lastly,

9.  The moments when all of us are laughing together.  Judge me if you want, but most of our united laughter this week came from the wii.  Super Mario Brothers, to be exact.  That is the one game that I will join the family and play.  We all root for each other.  We all laugh when Mom or Dad dies.  The kids eyes glow with pride that their parents are good at video games, too [go figure, we had an atari, nintendo].  We've had a lot of fun on that wii.

Have a super weekend enjoying all YOUR blessings!   


Heather said...

Super idea! Love it.

Super Mario has been keeping us company this week too! Abe thinks I'm super cool because I can play well.

love fun colored stripey socks myself!

have you ever read this blog...

i always have to think twice when I see yours and hers come up in google reader. she's a cute gal.

anyhoo... we will survive winter. we will! :)

Lanette said...

Heather, I just found her blog 2 weeks ago. I've known who she was for years, but saw her link on someone else's blog. I was surprised to see "Shawni". I'm wondering where her 71st toe fits in? Does someone in her family have 6 toes on one foot? I love her blog. She is soooo beautiful. Don't you think?

And here I was, thinking I was so original with my 60 toes idea. Go figure!

Amy said...

Great idea, Lanette! I hope blogging about your gratitude gets you through your winter malaise!!

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