Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Election Day.

Did you vote today?  I hope so.
Here was my election day . . . in pictures.
(My dad was on the ballot this time.  We're still waiting to hear . . .)

(Try not to be jealous.  I'm starting a new trend: floppy sock.  I thank Ben every morning for these babies.)

(Frosty mornings, I can't seem to get enough.  Well, come February I'll have had enough.)

(Me and my good friend, Linda, food storage extrodinaire.  She was working at the polls.)

(On the drive home from voting.  This is America, to me.  I've never thought dirt has looked so beautiful.  Fertile.  Rich.)

All that's left is Cub Scouts.  And then, time to settle down with a good book.  It's called, My Name is Mary Sutter.  Civil War, midwife, historical fiction.  I'm feeling a little patriotic today.  God Bless America. 


Janie said...

Great pictures. And I think your floppy sock trend is very sexy!! :) I think I'll try it. I like the soil picture as well. It makes me think of Heavenly Father blessing the land to produce for us if we are righteous.

What kind of Camera did you get? You never said.

Lanette said...

Janie, it's basically a glorified point-and-shoot camera. A mid-size, if you will. Canon Power Shot sx130is. I LOVE Canon cameras. I'll never get a different brand. It's certainly not my dream camera, but I love it. It works great for what I need it to do. That's what matters, right?

Mary said...

That's your dad? Man, good thing I voted for him... I didn't even know. Hope he wins! I'm loving all the farms being turned over with delightful dirt. Mmmmm. Excellent post. Canon cameras are my favorite too. By far. Yum. Oh, frosty Feb. mornings are a totally different ball game than frosty Oct./Nov. mornings. These are brilliant!

Honey said...

Can't wait to hear! Go Bro. Moss!

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