Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guts...and more guts

I felt like the last parent on earth whose kids still hadn't carved their pumpkins.

Well, we did it.
I'm really a pumpkin-carving-stick-in-the-mud. That surprises me because I'm a nut about traditions and being festive. Unfortunately, I see my kids picking the biggest pumpkin they can carry, and I think how long it's going to take me to clean it out. Then, I think about the mess, the clean-up.

Also, in the past, Ben was completely detail-oriented, wanting all these crazy-hard designs that the kids couldn't possibly do themselves. Like the pictures you scrape into the pumpkin, instead of carving them--way too intricate for 4 year olds.

However, this year was different.

My kids are growing up. They're close to being pumpkin-carving independants (not Annie, of course). And, Ben was so laid back and accepting of triangle eyes, noses, and mouths with two teeth on top. Much to my surprise, I actually had fun. I hope that because we had so much fun, Brigham will forget the comment he made to me earlier today in the car, when he said,
"I think we're the only house in all Rexburg that's not decorated for Halloween."


Ashton & Co. said...

You are not the only one who isn't decorated! Cute pics!

Janie said...

Don't worry Lanette, we haven't carved pumpkins yet so you are doing better than we are. Happy Halloween!

Kathy said...

we haven't even bought pumpkins yet this year, heh. and we'll probably only be doing one. aren't we fesitive?

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