Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Silhouettes of Summer...

The silhouettes of Summer are fleeting
Swiftly like the sun at dusk, sinking behind our hills.
Too soon, socks and shoelaces, with deft skill
Will surmount my children's flip-flops like a bully.
School and it's mercenaries are brash in their assault.
Their captives: our moments of bright laughter and sunny adventures,
Are zipped up and put away in the lockers of our memory,
Waiting eagerly for Summer's promised deliverence.
School, where is thy sting? Your victory is transient.
Heckle, tease, and torment; Bask in your passing glory.
But remember, the flip-flops will return, and this time,
Even bigger than before.
*** Side note: school is wonderful, I love it. I was just "in the moment" when I wrote this, having so much fun with my little guys. Any damper on fun usually puts me in a mood:).


Debbie and Bobby said...

beautifully put Lanette! You always had a gift with words :o)

Cylee Pressley said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!

Well said...I like time and I hate time.

I need to call and give you an update and get an update.

Sandy said...

LOVE those pictures! And I love how often you update your's so great seeing what you and your cute family are up to :-)

Rebekah said...

Put that one in your book of poetry (you are keeping one, of course).
So sweet--the assault on the flip-flops . . . perfect.
And bigger sandals next year--wow, life just flies by!!
So glad you are soaking in all the moments of life, and sharing them!!!

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