Friday, August 7, 2009

The Joy of Cooking

There's just something about a boy who'll wear turtlenecks and sweats at the height of Summer.

My desire to bake my way out of life's stresses didn't come easy, I can assure you.


if I were baking "little boy" on page 101 of my cookbook, it would be easy:

A little pinch of sassy-tongue
A dash of grimace
1 cup white cotton turtleneck...pima, no substitutions

Voila, not as sour as it looks.

1 comment:

Candy said...

seriously, a turtle neck and sweats?!
ahh! too hot! throwback thursday is a thing I started where on thursdays you post a picture ( or a few) of something from the past. It can be as far back as you want, ten years, or two weeks...whatever. Then you write a little explanation of what it is.

Shelly Egbert was at your house?! how fun! I miss that woman! Why was she in Rexburg?

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