Saturday, August 8, 2009


We escaped to the beautiful Idaho hills today.
We were on a mission: operation huckleberries.
It was the perfect day, the perfect adventure...perfection.

I've come to the conclusion that Ben is a mildly obsessed berry-picker.
Very focused.
The kids (minus Lincoln, who is also a mildly obsessed berry-picker) tired after a time, then decided to find firewood instead. They boldly attacked many a dying stump--stomping, kicking, shrieking...all the sounds of battle:
boy vs. stump.
Victorious...they were(for Yoda fans)!

I must admit, Huckleberries make you work for 'em...I have stains on my hands to prove it. Filling a bucket is a feat with these little guys. They are tiny.
All I'm asking for is a few jars of jam...or syrup...yummy!

1 comment:

Debbie and Bobby said...

Looks like had! (in the words of Yoda :o) )

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