Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh, What a Night!

The fates are against us!

Every Friday we plan a campout, and every Friday it rains!

This past Friday was no exception, but we had a choice to make. The rodeo was Friday, but so was our campout. We took a family vote: two kids wanted the rodeo, two kids wanted the campout, so, we compromised. We were going to set up our tent in the backyard, use the firepit as our campfire, cook everything outside, etc., and make it to the rodeo, too, but guess what? It rained! We did the best we could and settled for tinfoil dinners in the oven (the extent of our rained-out "campout") and the rodeo later that night.

The skies cleared and the rain cooled the air...perfect for a summertime, small town rodeo! It was a blast! The kids did the calf scramble, where they tape money on a calf and the kids get in the ring and chase the poor thing. Unfortunately, the boys were not the lucky winners (Brigahm even cried, saying how dumb it was...he was just upset that he didn't catch the calf). It was so funny to me that Brigham would cry about something like that. I'll chalk it up to exhaustion from too many late nights. We wished we'd signed the kids up for Mutton Bustin', but we were too late. Maybe next year!

I feel asleep with a smile on my face that night. In my next life, ahem, I want to be in a rodeo...I want to barrel race and wear cowboy boots and tight jeans (that look flattering on my size two body, ha ha). What a night.


Janie said...

That looked like it was a fun night. I am singing the National Anthem at the Junior Rodeo here July 18th. I hope I don't mess up! I haven't sung the National Anthem since highschool football.

Rebekah said...

I wanna go to the rodeo!! I remember going to see my uncle ride in one in Salt Lake when I was 7 or 8. I don't remember much about the rodeo because I was preoccupied with how cute I looked in my new blue jeans with the design on the back pocket--uh, huh.
Fun stuff!!

Diana said...

I love your cowgirl hat! What a hottie.

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