Monday, July 6, 2009


Lately, we've had some jam-packed summer days! Our community has a little splash park with the cutest carousel. Since I am a cheapskate...whoops...I mean, thrifty, we get FREE carousel passes every week at our library storytime! There's something so magical, dreamy about riding on a's so Mary Poppins-ish and happy!

We had a dear friend come up to visit. They have 3 boys that are 100% boy: intense, fun, crazy, and adorable (the kind every girl will have a crush on when she's older). When we get together it's pretty much one big wrestling match...and the boys love it. It's like this surging, masculine, testosterone release...and it cracks me up (when people aren't getting hurt).

It was a lazy, hazy, crazy day of summer (for all you Nat King Cole fans).

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