Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why We Love Grandpa...

What glorious scenes mine eyes behold!
What wonders burst upon my view!

Yes, that's a hymn we sing in church...but oh, so applicable to me this morning! Changing diapers was just something I think fathers rarely took part in, in my parents' generation. Hence, my complete and total surprise. Gratitude, yes...one less whiff of you-know-what today. Thank you, Grandpa...this one's for "poo."

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Debbie and Bobby said...

How fun to see your parents! What a great grandpa! Tell your parents I say hi and miss them :o)

Thanks for sharing about your neice. I am feeling quite optimistic and have been experimenting with all kinds of flours...should be a fun learning experience! More than anything else, I'm excited to see my already sweety happy girl be even happier!

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