Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trashed and grateful...and sad.

I'll spare you a picture with this post.  It wouldn't be pretty.  Really.

I watched Ben tie his shoes yesterday, my head pounding, nose clogged...and oddly enough, running at the same time, watery eyes, stiff, achy joints...all the makings of a poor, poor me.  Dressed in a suit, ready to head out for an impromptu temple shift, I sat next to him in companionable silence.  I had a split-second thought that he loves me just the same no matter how trashed I look.  And I was so grateful.  I sighed and said, "I love you, Honey."  

And that was all.  Grateful to be loved.

**  In other news: I'm am pretty darn sure that Charlie broke his wrist today (dogs have wrists...who'd of thought?).  My heart is hurting for him.  Our vet is gone until Tuesday.  I wish I could take away his pain.

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