Thursday, October 11, 2012

A three-quarter Jesus.

(I did it.  I finally caved and bought class pictures this year.  From now on, my kids can NEVER say that they're the ONLY ONES (cry me a river) who don't buy class pictures!  As much as I think it's a rip-off, what they charge for pictures, it was pretty cute to see these kids' mugs...this year.)

We took a little road trip getting to the boys' football game last night.  Driving through some areas out in the country (way out), the kids noticed the housing looked a bit dilapidated.  Innocently, Lincoln said, "Wow, there must be a lot of poor people out here."  

Quick to steer that comment down a positive road I said, 
"Some of the greatest people in the world didn't have money."
"Like who?" he asked.
"Well, Jesus didn't have a lot of money."
"Yeah, Jesus only had, like, three quarters..."

I'm glad he's in-the-know with the Lord and His finances.

And, I'm grateful for unplanned moments that come as an open invitation to teach my kids.  Life lessons on-the-go.  They add up.  I just know it.

**  In other news: have you ever used a neti pot?  Try it.  It's the grossest, coolest thing ever.

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