Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Around the corner.

Andrew Wyeth's Around the Corner

I have a friend, a dear friend, who since our first-meeting has wrapped me up in her love.  If this is any indication of her greatness,--in my opinion there is no doubt--back in her college days she played "Maria" in her college production of The Sound of Music.  She's that sweet.

And very, very soon, she will pass away.

I've only shared another's passing a few times in my life.  It was a sobering honor to be so close at such a sacred moment.  There is no rush, no words, just feelings all around.  It's an unearthly experience.

I was visiting with my friend the other day, sitting beside her, holding her frail hand, while she lay back in bed, deep in her pillows.  I asked her what she was feeling.  She said, with glistening eyes, that she could never have imagined the feelings of loss, I think she said "shattered," at the thought of leaving her husband and children, and yet, she felt so apart from the world too.  Waiting.  Just waiting.

She had a dream where a hand was stretched out towards her and she wouldn't take it.  She will reach out to that hand when it comes again.  She's ready now.

There is peace in death for my friend.  Her faith in God gives her peace.  Her knowledge of what comes next (click HERE for more on that) excites her.  It's an adventure, she says.

As I was getting up to leave her bedside, she squeezed my hand and with a Julie Andrews twinkle in her eye, said, "See you around the corner."  I felt heartache and happiness all at once.  

I will miss her when she takes her turn around that glorious corner.  She said she'd save me a spot in the heavenly choirs :).  Now I've just got to do my part to get there.


Honey said...

What a touching tribute. While my heart hurts for you losing a friend, I'm so grateful you are having tender, sacred moments. Like you said, it truly is an unearthly experience.

Prayers of peace for you all.

Candy said...

oh that just breaks my heart. really, I'm all teary right now. I can't imagine the shattered feeling of leaving loved ones behind. Glad for my faith that hands will reach out to her and comfort her on the other side. .
"see you around the corner." love that.

i will pray for her and her family....

katieo said...

oh Lanette. So sorry to hear this! But thank you so much for sharing. What a beautiful and bittersweet post.

You and your friend, and your friend's family will be in my prayers.

Lanette said...

Thanks guys. A moment like this, without question, takes everything that doesn't matter in life and chucks it out the window. What's left are simple truths. God and love. That's it.

RaeLynn said...

This was beautiful. Heartbreaking but beautiful.

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