Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break/Easter, part I.

I think I'll work backwards, starting with Easter Sunday.

It's always a little tricky being away from home for holidays.  You try to take some of the traditions with you and they may or may not happen.  What matters to me is that the kids have a great time creating memories.  And they did.

Holiday or not, being with their cousins is the "icing on the cake."

I was thinking about our Easter together, wondering what made it so grand (because it was)?  We didn't go anywhere, we didn't really spend money, we didn't do anything fantastic, per se.  But the sheer number of us made it GREAT (29 of us, I think).  Getting that many people together who genuinely get along is happiness to me.  It more than satisfies the heart.

We celebrated with the traditional Easter egg hunt and finding Easter baskets.  We went to church and were filled with gratitude for the Lord.  For giving His life for us and granting us the joyful hope of resurrection and eternal life with our families.  Those who taught us at church were so connected in their messages, so sincere, and so Christ-centered, I loved every minute.  

There were none of the normal, occasional squabbles amongst siblings because they all had a buddy-cousin or two to snuggle next to, reveling in the togetherness.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I love going to church.  The fact that it was Easter Sunday was the cherry on top.

More hilarious moments of the day to come . . .


jenifer said...

net- you look great!! cute outfit! and, funny that annie matches my girls?

Candy said...

more funny pictures? great!
a full picture of your outfit? yes please!
I LOVE that yellow skirt and your blouse, you look fab!

where'd you get it?

happy easter to yoU!

Katie The Lady said...

I LOVE your yellow skirt! You seriously have the most adorable family.

Sometimes I wish we had a large extended family, and often got together. My boys only have one cousin, and he's a baby. I love seeing families with so many kids. (awesome slide pic!) But Michael and I have made our own holiday traditions and activities with our little family, and I love those memories and times together.

Lanette said...

Jen, I thought the same thing when i saw the picture of your girls! Great minds . . .

Candy, I got the pencil skirt at JCPenney a little over a year ago, HOWEVER, they have an updated version out RIGHT NOW. They have LOTS of colors, bright colors. They're $25. Happy hunting:).

Katie, big or little, family is what it's about, right? What would we do without them...life would be a tad boring:).

Alison said...

Gorgeous family picture Lynette! And such fun with family. Loved seeing all your fun photos. They all made me smile!

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