Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mind the GAP.

Lincoln has been waiting for this moment for an eternity.  I think that particular tooth has been loose for a year...or more:).  Lincoln's been saying his teeth were loose ever since his brothers have been losing teeth.  That would put him losing teeth at, um, age 3.  It's just plain hard to be the LAST brother to do something, there's no way around it.

Personally, that little gap reminds me of how little Lincoln is (and how big he's getting).

He's my sweet, little boy, who struggles with reality/fantasy,
who tells the most outrageous stories (and believes them),
who still needs me to tie his shoes (okay, maybe that's MY fault, he's old enough to learn),
who still needs my dramatic hugs and insanely-loud kisses,
who let's me call him "Toothless", but only for the next few days, then I MUST stop.

Lincoln doesn't take well to teasing (he sometimes confuses jokes and's a fine line, really...and depends a lot upon who says it, i.e. Mom/Dad or brothers).  We're working on the laughing with--instead of attacking--the teaser.  Baby steps.

Needless to say, I love making that boy smile these days.

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Rebekah said...

The missing front tooth is my favorite look!! But it is a bitter sweetness for me. I know that soon those overyly large, grown-up teeth with move in and take over that "little boy" face.
Wow, that sounded depressing, sorry.

I had to smile when I read about the jokes vs teasing--it is a daily battle at our house with my sweet 7 year old (unfortunately the attack-mode reaction makes it very enticing for older brothers to turn jokes into teasing!!).

Gotta love the gammet of emotions played out daily in a family home!!

Love you guys!

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