Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I went on a bike ride with my kids as the sun was setting tonight.  My first bike ride of the year.  Sam's, too.

For a moment I tasted the deliciousness of spring and summer.  The briefest moment.

I cannot WAIT to feel warm again,
immersing myself in nature,
feeling grass on my feet,
smelling freshly cut hay,
watching my garden grow,
late summer nights,
watching the boys mow the lawn,
leaving my doors wide open,
being fun again,
getting tan,
playing ALL DAY LONG,
sleeping with the windows open,
listening to the stillness of night,
blasting the radio with the windows down,
NOT being pregnant this time,

It's been too long.


The Pettit Family said...

You're photographs are exquisite. Thank you for sharing.

Lanette said...

Austin, you are always sooo kind. Thanks, girl. They're from last summer, and boy, do they make me a little impatient!

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