Thursday, March 22, 2012

Goings on.

Are mass pictures in a post overwhelming?  Probably.  

Speaking of overwhelming, my high school English teacher was horrified by the redundancy of "overwhelming."  Whelmed. We should just say whelmed!  I haven't forgotten, but I've never used "whelmed" before, either.

I was shaking the tablecloth on the front porch tonight.  It was dark, but I could hear birds singing to each other.  Spring is nearly here.  The birds are telling.  In winter, the birds are silent at night.  No longer!

I'm fascinated by Annie and her mad passion to nurture Sam.  Growing up, I was not a baby-lover.  They were cute, but I didn't burn with desire to love and squeeze them.  I think it's because, as the youngest, I never had anyone to take care of.  Everyone took care of ME.  And I let them.

The tables have turned.  Having my own babies has changed my heart.  All this love in me is WHELMING (that's for you, Mr. Quik).  Being a mother is the pinnacle of coolness.  The grandest of adventures.  The reason naps were created (napping for moms, not kids:)).

Connoisseur of all things Easy Bake. 

Brigham was a star in a six-man school play.  The orange fish from the Cat in the Hat.  All of my pictures during the play were blurry so I peeked in the window of his classroom afterwards and snapped this picture.  I obviously wasn't very tricky.

Sam.  Dear boy.  He must have wrestled a mountain lion in his dreams.  Based on the grin, I'd say he won.

 We told the big boys that if they read the Lord of the Rings series, they could watch the movies.  I didn't think they'd last more than two days.  Have you read it?  I've never read the entire thing, but I do remember it being very verbose.  I'll have to revisit it, I know it's a must-read.

The boys are going strong.  It's been almost two weeks.  I'm hoping that they finish Return of the King by their junior/senior years of high school.  By then I think they'll be mature enough for the movies:).  Okay, okay, I'm sure it will be before then.  (fyi these movies rank in our top five favs.  Ben and I watch them every year.  We're nerds like that:))

Sam just started eating rice cereal.  He is a MESS.  And it's so cute.  He throws his body forward to anticipate the spoon going into his mouth.  I can't control where it goes.  It cracks me up.  Sweet fella.

Time marches on in our neck of the woods.  This weekend is full of wrestling matches and chicken-coop building.  Yep, you read that right.  We're building a chicken-coop.  I'm a little nervous, myself.  Wish us luck.


Katie The Lady said...

You know, as strict as I am with movies and shows my kids can watch, I am also very lenient about specific movies that most parents would have problems showing their little kids. LOTR would fall in that category-hahaha. They are not allowed to watch Sesame street, but those movies are ok. I don't know why. My husband read the Hobbit and LOTR series in Kindergarten (he lives to read!) and is always trying to get our boys to dive into big books. Kudos to your boys!

And can I just say, your kids are all so adorable! I love all the great photos that accompany your wonderful stories.

Heather said...

i loved this post too. your baby is awesome. he has great hair and such perfectly blue eyes. maybe he can marry my Eliza.

we're the kind to watch series over each year too.

thanks for saying I'm determined. I wish being determined always = success. Perhaps someday! :)

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