Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fun(ny) Run.

(The pictures are unrelated to the run.  We just had such a beautiful day today, I couldn't help myself.)

I did a big-ish run yesterday (6 miles).  In the beeeautiful spring sunshine.  I asked my marathon-running brother-in-law what he listens to when he runs (because I'm so used to watching movies on the treadmill these days).  Nothing.  He doesn't listen to music!  So, I asked him what he thinks about so he doesn't go CRAZY while he's running.  Nothing.  "I just look at the scenery."  Well, Mr. Disciplined . . . .  

(remember the BB-gun "incident?"  Nice one, boys.)

I decided to test myself.  I'm sick of the songs on my i-pod, so I decided to be like my brother-in-law, just to see if there was anything to what he said.  He's a respectable sort of fellow.  Over-achiever.  A perfect candidate for emulation.

Well, I did it.  And I learned a few things (without music). 

First things first, running after eating two pancakes . . . with peanut butter . . . and maple syrup . . . and a glass of milk, can make you want to barf, at first.

The first 1.5 miles are the hardest.  Once I get past that, I feel like I can run forever.

Not listening to music is pretty cool.  I was forced to look and listen to the world around me instead of focusing on whether or not my "shuffle" setting would give me a great running song.  I kept my eyes open for chicken coops, too, seeing as we'd be joining the ranks soon:).  

I knew I had a long ways to go, so I stopped wishing it was done before I even started.

I realized that when I can hear/see a car coming I try to look like I'm not dying.  Like a real hard-core runner.  Legs pumping, arms swinging, chin up, shoulders un-hunched.  I'm such a dork.  Vanity is exhausting.

With only 1.5 miles left, I hit a roadblock.  Literally.  The bridge I was going to cross was, well, non-existent.  They demo'd it.  GREAT.  I went up and down the slough looking for a way to cross it, but to no avail, unless I wanted to swim, of course.  So, I did what any exhausted runner would do.  Instead of turning around and running 6 miles BACK the way I came, I ran to the nearest house and called my husband!

Yes, my husband rescued me.  Sweet guy.  I almost slapped him for driving past me on purpose, looking the other way.  Not so funny at that moment.  Well, it was kinda funny.  

I was so proud of myself.  And, I was tired the rest of the day.  Not sore, just tired.  And starving.  Holy cow, I wanted to EAT a cow!  I'm not sure why.  But I did what I set out to do, and it didn't kill me.

Stay tuned for more exciting news.  Here's a clue:



Candy said...

Good job! I am training for a half marathon in May. I've gotten up ato 8.5 miles and kind of wanted to scream. I was so grouchy the whole way for some reason. Yesterday we did a 7 mile route and my stomach is giving me SUCH grief! I was SO sick and felt like I had to "go" really bad for the last 4 miles. Sick the rest of the day. I have got to figure this out before the race.

I rarely if ever run with music. I usually run with friends and we just talk. Or if I'm on my treadmill I've been watching Hulu....usually old episodes of Everybody loves Raymond...haha...

GO YOU! (and you are brave on the "getting chickens" front too!)

Heather said...

this made me laugh. I so do that when I'm running - try and suck in my gut... look tough... so i don't look like a frumpy mom trying to get back in shape (even though that's what I really am). I will probably never look like a cool runner. my sister mary really is that cool runner though.

cute little chicks. my kids might want to drive to idaho to hold them! good luck with the chickens.

Poulsen Family said...

I use to think people who ran without music were crazy but then one day my phone and ipod were dead, so no music. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it and realized I received great inspiration while running. Now I rarely listen to music. I have come to love running even more because it's my time to listen to what I really need to hear. Isn't running great?!
I'm a little jealous you ran 6. I could muster up the energy to go that far with having to push Max, as Christopher was gone all Saturday.

Lanette said...

So, Candy, my hope is to one day be a super-runner, like you! Don't deny it...I still remember your talk in fernley about running and writing that scripture on your running shoes. Too cool. And, goodness, I would have DIED having to "go" with 4 miles left. OUCH. You are my hero, in many ways, sista:).

Heather, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. And about Mary, I totally remember being at the gym, lifting weights, finishing with weights, running on the treadmill, finishing on the treadmill and Mary was running the ENTIRE time. Dang, she looked good. That little, petite hard body. You are SO right. Mary, Mary, quite contrary:)

Courtney, you're right. There is something really cool about running music-less. I'd like to try it with all my long runs. It was good for my soul. You're a super-runner, too. I was inspired by your marathon. It's time for me to join the ranks:).

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